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Club Penguin Febuary 2010 Clothing Catalog Cheats!

Hey penguins there is a BRAND new Clothing Catalog! The first page is all new items… mostly. Here is the catalog below!

Now here are the catalog cheats!

1.Go to page 3

2.Click theTop of the tree for the Brunete and purple spring dress

1. Go to page 3

2.Clickthe top of the mountian for the Pastel Suede Jacket

1. Go to page 3

2.Click on thetop of the tree for the Pom Pom Scarf

1. Go to page 4

2. Click the snowmans hat for the Jade Necklace

1. Go to page 4

2. Click the snowmans nose for the Pink Snorkel

1. Go to page 4

2. Click the mountian for the Pink Flippers

1 Go to page 5

2. Click the bubble for the red viking helmet…

then open and close it 3 times and you can get the Blue viking helmet!

1. Go to page 6

2.Click on the pot for the Stocking Cap

1. Go to  page 7

2. Click on the top of the tree for the Long Johns

1. Go to page 7

2. Click on any instrument in the tree to get that instrument

That is all of the cheats for this catalog! So tadays question “Do you like the new items in this catalog? Why?” Tell me your answer in a comment below!


Club Penguin Jan 2010 Clothing Catalog Cheats!

Hey CP, This catalog took over 2 days for Club Penguin to release! It has to be one of the best catalogs Club Penguin has ever created! The reasom why it was late was because they had some problems with it!Go to the second page of the catalog and you can create your own T-Shirts! The are 5 different designs and 3 colours! Take a look at the catalog! 😀

Club Penguin January 2010 Clothing Catalog

Clothing Catalog 2010 Cheats

1.Go to the third page

2. Click the snowmans nose for the pink snorkel

1.Go to the third page

2. Click the top of the mountian for the pink flippers

1. Go to the fourth Page

2. Click on the lage bubble beside the fish for the viking helmet

1. go to the fifth page

2. Click the coins for change pot for the stoking cap

1. Go to the sixth page

2. Click on an instrument for that instrument

1. Go to the sixth page

2. Click the top of the far left tree for the Long Johns

1.Go to the eighth page

2. Click the W in work for the black superhero mask

1. Go to the eleventh page

2. Click the white puffle for the dizzy

Wow I love this catalog it is a great way to start off 2010 in style! LoL 😀

January 2010 Clothing Catalog Mistake

Oh and Club Penguin had a mistake on the catalog!  If you look at the month and year of the catalog on the top right it says Jan’09 it is suppost to be Jan’10. I guess that Club Penguin had abit too much to drink! LoL! Take a look at the cover of the catalog for proof!

Did you see it? LoL I just wanted to show it to everyone! 😛