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Club Penguin Reviewed by You!

Hey PPL this weeks reviewed by you is out! Last weeks question was what is your favourite part about the Cave Expedition? Here is the article below!

Clarnico 999 said:

WOW! The mine and the new caves ROCK! I especially like the cave full of treasure, with the glittering pool of water. And then it leads to an AMAZING watery kingdom. Its the perfect place for divers, mermaids and merpenguins, cave penguins or I’ve even spotted a few pirates looking for treasure! Its great fun for everyone!

Even though those areas are closed for now there’s LOTS of stuff coming up, and we want to know what you’re most excited about! Is it the party, a brand new stage, one of the catalogs or something else? We’d love to hear what you think!

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We’ll post one (50 – 75 words please) in next week’s Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week’s blog, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Until then…Waddle on!

Awsome! I love the reviewed by you! Billybob alwats picks great answers!


Happy77 asks a Party Planer!

Today Happy77 and Club Penguin has told us that we will have a Puffle Party this year! Here is Happy77’s Interview with a Club Penguin Party Planer!

Do we need to be puffle owners to be part of this party?
You don’t have to own a puffle, but hopefully you enjoy being around them! Of course, we do encourage puffle owners to bring their puffles to the party… there may be activities for the little creatures…

Is there anything we should do to prepare for this event?
Practice your snowball tossing skills! Also, if you own a puffle, make sure to take good care of it.

Can we expect any surprises?
Every time we plan a party we try to add a few new things and this party’s no exception. But if we told you more than that, it wouldn’t be a surprise…

Awsome this years Puffle Party will be awsome! I cant wait! It will be VERY PuffleRific 😀 LoL!!!


Club Penguin Febuary 2010 Sneak Peeks!

As everyone might know last Febuary Club Penguin had it’s first annual Puffle Party! Here are some sneak Peeks of some new things coming this month!

Ok the first one is the 2010 Puffle Party the second one is something new for puffles and the third one is aa new play! Thosa are my guesses! Do you think that I’m right?


Club Penguin Night Club Upgrade!

Today there is a brand new update at the night club! Now it can change colours! 😀 First it starts of normal but if  75% of the penguins in that room are one colour, then the room wil change that colour! There are 14 different colours and you need about 15-20 penguins in the room that are the same colour! 😀 Here are 9 of the themes! 😀

This is awsome! Please don’t copy these pictures! It took me a long time to get them xD So todays question “Do you like this new feature?” Tell me in a comment below!


Club Penguin Cave Expedition Closed Down!

Today the Cave Expedition ended for now and Club Penguin has but Caution Tape at the Cave Entrance!Also the wall is back to the rock slide form! Take a look!

That sucks I really liked the Cave Expedition! Did you? That is the question for this post! Tell me in a comment!Also all of the other updates are coming soon! 😀


Reviewed by You!

Hey dude & Dudettes! Here is this weeks reviewed by you!

Last weeks Question was: What are ways that you’ve been able to help others in need?  Bubishii said:

In our local comunity I help find lost pets and look after stray animals. In Club Penguin I help penguins who don’t know how to do stuff. I also try to help resolve disagreements. Its really great to hear the money we raised has made a difference! Waddle on! & have fun!

Great answer! I love reading the answer every week! Billybob always picks a great one to post on the Club Penguin Blog!

This weeks question is: What is your favourite part of the Cave Expedition?

Leave a comment on the club penguin blog and maybe you will get picked! Click Here to comment on the CP Blog!


Club Penguin Times Issue # 224

Guess what!?! It is thursday! =-D YAY! That means a new newspaper! Take a look at this weeks issue below!

Cool! It looks like the Cave Expedition is closing down for abit tomorrow… =-( But something awsome is coming to the Night Club Tomorrow! :O  I wonder what it will be? What do you think? Well any whay here are the Upcoming Events:

Febuary 5th- New Clothing Catalog

Febuary 12th- New play at the stage

Febuary 12th- New Puffle Furniture

Awsome! I can’t wait! I wonder when the cave will re-open? SO many question no answers 😀