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funny pictures!

Here are some LOL Pictures from Club Penguin! 😀

Get Down NOW!




Get your burgers… fish burgers…



Get your ice cream!

Free pizza!

Finally Someone thinks i’m cool!

cool man

Don’t hit me!

dont hit me

Ha Ha she fell( but it’s a boy?!?)

falling oh no

That really hurt!


This is fun! 😀

jester dude

I’m the travling fruit salesman and blacksmith!

travling blacksmith

fruit salesman!

there are never any fish!

fishin sucks!

fishing sucks

shiny rocks hurt!

pointy rocks (shiny)

Im Rich!


Sorry knight!

night sad

grapes are yummy!


I hate reading!

reading troubles

Here are regular funny pictures!

Those chips look good! 😀


That hurt! (thanks thundercord for the help making this pic)



my boat crashed!


I don’t have a band though…


someone on a sled might hit me!


Im gonna jump!

we will be having more soon!


10 Responses

  1. Lol, nice pictures!

  2. You ROCK kid. Cool blog.
    Penguins RULE!! lol

  3. yea u rock. love the pics!

  4. yeah luv the pics! By the way… Me and friend have wordpress website but we dont know how to make the actual website]
    thunderman87:Ill see if I can help

  5. Too funny! The hardest part of funny pics is that you have to make sure everyone would find them funny. not just yourself. And all of these were funny to me so great job and i hope to see more in the future!

  6. sick pics dude thanks for sharing

  7. Thank you for the intriguing read! Alright playtime is over and back to school work.

  8. Like the design, template, post is OK, writing is great. I’ll probably check your blog again….

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