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  • This site www.coolkid870thunderman87.wordpress.com was opened on Febuary 22 2009.I t was owned by Thunderman87 and Coolkid870.Then in June 2009 Coolkid870 Quit CP.So then Thunderman87 and Qx4 penpal took over, the site then was named Thunderman87's CP cheats but the domail stayed the same.If I had a domain I would call the site www.ClubPenguinCPCP.com.Keep visiting this site and I hope you enjoy all of my Club Penguin Cheats Secrets Tips and more! =) ~Thunderman87-main owner~
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About Me!

Hey CP, My name is thunderman87 on Club Penguin, but have you wonderd, What was Thunderman87’s real name, his age or where does he live? Well Im going to tell you all on this page! I will talk about my Club Penguin Life, Real Life and My Website!

My name is Ryan and I am 11 years old and I’m in grade 6. I live in Toronto, Ontario. Some of my favourite things to do is to play hockey and listen to music! My favourite songs are Fireflys ( Owl City) and I can transform ya (Feat. Lil’Wayne & Swizz Beatz). My favourite colour is Orange. I have afew Video Game systmes like Wii, Ps2, Dsi,Ds lite,DS, X box 360,game boy advance and gameboy advance SP. I have 3 Ipods I pod touch 8G, Green Ipod Nano 4G and Silver Ipod Nano 4G. My favourite games are NHL 10,Club Penguin Ellite Penguin Force,  Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty World at War, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Halo 3, Halo 2, Rockband 2 and Halo ODST! In school I am an A Student. That is just abit about me!

Now about my Club Penguin Life! I started to play Club Penguin 3 Years ago. I used to play Club Penguin with a penguin named Jay6754 in November 2006 . Then I quit for I year in 2007 and I returned with a new penguin in October 2008 called Thunderman87. My penguin is over 400 days old. My favourite servers to go on are Sleet, frozen and sherbet. I hope we can meet on Club Penguin One day!

This is my spare Penguin!

Now about this website! This website was opened on Febuary 22 2009 (Family Day). It was owned by Thunderman87 and Coolkid870. It was called coolkid870thunderman87.wordpress.com because we wanted to put both of our names in the tittle! We both worked really ard and we also owned a website with our BEST friend Qx4 Penpal! It is called Club Penguin QTK Cheats. Club Penguin QTK Cheats is a really big sponser of us and we are a really big sponser of them! For the first while everything was fine but in June 2009 Coolkid870 quit Club Penguin and then I took over the site! Qx4 Penpal posts when I can’t. That is all about this website! On febuary 22 2010 it will be our 1 year Anniversary and Coolkid870 will go on Club Penguin for the party! ;D

That’s all about my real life, club penguin life and my website! I hope we can meet on Club Penguin one day!


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  1. hey thunder i’m at the worst place in the world school i hate school well any way sry i missed your give away PEACE I GTG TEACHER IS COMING!

  2. um hey thunder I AM SO MAD AT MY SELF BECAUSE I MISSED ALOT IF YOUR STUFF but oh well it happens
    i guess:( i’m sad “:( well i’m at school again and i gtg because i think the teacher looking OH SHIZZLE OK PEACE OUT

  3. jimburger likes your style
    very AWESOME

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