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Rockhopper Guide!

Hey CP, Rockhopper is here and he will be waddling around Club Penguin giving out his very rare autographed background that you only can get when Rockhopper is here and if you meet him! Use the tracker below to help you find him at his current location!

Rockhopper is a very adventurest penguin who comes every two to three months! His ship is docked at the beach when he is here and you can board it to recieve some of his items that he brings!

If you cant find Rockhopper in a crowd then check the users in room!Rockhopper will have a smille insted of a normal face. This is what it would look like!

Once you get the background it should look like this on your player card!

Tips on Rockhopper!

Whille you are looking for Rockhopper remember that he is a RED penguin with a BLACK pirates Captain hat, and a BLACK beard.

2)Rockhopper is normaly  surrounded by a LARGE crowd of penguins, so if you are searching and rockhopper is in the middle of a LARGE crowd check the “Users in room”

3) Rockhopper likes to go on busy servers, such as Mammoth, Sleet,Frozen ets.Rockhopper will be o low servers at later times though.
4) Rockhopper is online 14 hours a day. Every day that his ship is at the Beach, you then know that he is out giving away his free autographed background!

5) The rooms that Rockhopper is usually found in are : Dock, Snow Forts, Pizza Parlor, Forest, Cove, Beach, Migrator, Crows Nest, or the Captains Quarters. Sometimes you may see him in places like the town when just logging in.

6) Rockhopper can be seen on more then 1 server at a time.Most of the time  Rockhopper is on 2 servers or 3!

7) Rockhopper will switch servers every 15 minutes… So keep checking servers!

Credit to Jmann93 for some tips!


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