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Ninja Puffle Mystery!-

Hey CP, today black puffles have been spoted around the island and when penguins wear a ninja outfit in the room they are in, the puffle sets on fire! 😮 Here are the places that they are located in:

Here is a Video

. Dojo Courtyard (1)

. Ninja Hideout (2)

. Forest (1)

. Ski Village (1) (NO PIC)

The wiered thing about one being in the forest is that nothing is in the forest… Maybe there is something planned for it with the Ninja Puffles…. 😮 Wierd

Ok here are pictures of alll the puffles

Dojo Courtyard


Ninja Hideout 1

ninjapuffle3ninjapuffle4Ninja Hideout 2




Isn’t it wired?

That’s all!



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