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Toboggan’s & Dance tunes are here! :D

Hey cp,finally the Toboggans & the dance tunes  are here and ready to use! 😀



Me and Coolkid870 had a race after. 🙂

He won though 😦


Here are the tunes






5 Responses

  1. Aw. You put my widget on your site? Thanks!

    thunderman87:No problem! You rock! 😀

  2. You rock flubby123456!

  3. how do u do tracks?
    thunderman87:What do you mean? The dance tracks?!?
    If it is the dance tracks then first of all you must be a member to use the tracks.And second you go to new game and you can pick the song you want from there!

  4. Flag counter is gooooooooonnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee on my site. plz go back and raise it back up.


  5. thunderman87 can i take the three dance tracks
    and the sled racing upgrades leave a comment
    on my site if i can.
    bye from frosty32865
    thunderman87:Sorry you can’t take them….

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